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Joe Bruno creates high end audio and security systems for cars. Creating systems with top of the line electronics and custom fabrication for seamless integration into the car’s interior. With a need for social reach and geo targeting of his store location. The original site had been started years earlier and left incomplete and vulnerable. In 2018 attention was given to the site again in an attempt to fix any issues and revitalize the brand.

Project Details —

The site owner contacted the Workshop after finding out he had been hacked and his site was flagged. This was a time sensitive job that the owner needed within a three days. The previous designer and site owner did not have any back ups of the site and hard copies of all the pages had to be made from repository archives. The site was cleaned out and updated with a new firewall and two factor authentification log-ins.

The client explained that the site needed to be up and running for a convention in two days.  The site would be finished at a later date so a few templates were created and put into place focusing on contact information, map, phone and hours. The sitemap was created and submitted to Google. A request was submitted to have the site recrawled and hopefully cleared in time for the convention.

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The site owner asked filler text to be added to make the site look more fleshed out until it could be finished up. There was however enough time to bulk load hundreds of images by FTP and then load those into the portfolio showcase as a nice bonus. With the added bonus of the site being un-flagged in time for the convention.

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