Law Office of
Joseph P. Howard

Lawyers are fun. They have interesting perspectives on the world and are trained to process in ways you can’t imagine. This was the case when I was asked to put the knowledge, experience and personality into a website for the attorney’s legal practice.

Project Details —

Get the domain back under the control of the owner and develop a website. Termed affectionately as a ‘work in progress.’ The content created for this site needs to be researched and approved by the legal staff before it can be put onto the site. Most importantly was to get a site in place and connect it with the business listing.

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Joseph Howard Esq.


Website Design
WordPress Build
Custom Theme
Google Business


Brand Identity
Content Research
Social Media Integration
Website Development


Local Business
Social Media

Site Images —

These images will be replaced periodically as the site begins to take shape and find its voice. I wanted to put this up as the beginnings of a before and after to watch how it develops over the next few months. Pictured below the focus on each area is providing a clear message with a follow up subheading. The accent colors gradually change as you progress down the page to let you know where you are and to keep you moving through the content.

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