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D’Antonio & Klein Jewelers

A major jewelry company located on jeweler’s row, Philadelphia. They are know for thier work with awards in custom jewelry designs and in store repairs. The site they wanted was something to show off work and promote an array of services. 

Project Details —

Create a showcase site that brings attention to wide range of services available. Provide clear store information; location, GPS directions, contact information. Showcase work and bring attention to custom made work. Promote services and keep the site simple.

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D’Antonio & Klein Jewelers


Website Re-Design
WordPress Build
Custom Theme
Menu Styling


Creative Direction
Photo editing
Graphic Design
Social Media Integration
Local Business
Website Development



Site Images —

The site is designed in cascading sections that bring focus to the content. The sections are broken up with selections of jewelery photographs that can open in a light box style. A simple color palette of gold tones balances between the light and dark sections. The content is presented in bite sized chunks against either light or dark backgrounds with just enough information for the audience. Keep the imformation simple and where it needs to be. Don’t overwhelm, allow traffic to move at it’s own pace.

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