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The Pandorics is a personal project that has been in the development stage for a few years. It encompasses a genre somewhere between horror, religion, mythology and the arcane sciences. On the face, it might appear to be pretty boxes but there is an entire universe populated by people, creatures, dieties and myths when you start to look closer.

Project Details —

This project is too large to boil down into simple details. It encompasses the creation of a genre with fiction and artwork. Physical reproductions of artwork. Brand creation and launch, copy write and application of trade mark for brand and work. Social networking and building a fan base across FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. A limited hardbound art book edition of the first phase of the work was successfully launched with two more editions being completed for release. T-shirts and jewelry items have been produced and there is a long list of items pending release.

All of this gets housed in the website for the Pandorics which is currently being finished up and slated for release in 2019. A signature part of the work is the creation and rendering of the art in 3D using various software. Physical reproductions of these are in the works and near completion.

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Pandorics LLC


Website Design
WordPress Build
Custom Theme
Menu Styling
3D Modeling
Character Creation


Brand Identity & Launch
Content Creation
Creative Direction
Trade Marking
Photography / Images
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Social Media Integration
Website Development


Social Media
Print material
Product Research / Launch

site Images —

This will be updated when the site nears completion

Additional Notes On Project —

Sometimes you have to follow your dreams no matter what. Sometimes it takes years to achieve. In the end the time and energy was worth every minute and every lesson learned.

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