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A classic furniture store set in Maple Shade, New Jersey that caters to a variety of needs and customers. Known throughout the tri-state area for furniture repair and excellent delivery service. Viking has been in business for over fourty years and passed from father to son.

Project Details —

This project required stepping to sort out what previous designers had worked on. An intense experience where the entire site needed to be reconfigured from the ground up. The site was constructed on the Joomla CMS platform using the Kryptronics eCommerce software. The existing product base needed to be reconfigured while and SEO that was never added be created for every item. The process took several weeks to complete to get the store functioning properly and yield results to search traffic.

The shop base was reworked from the ground up and inventory recreated the correct way. Close inspection showed poorly written code causing conflicts within the pages and how they were being searched. After several weeks, going through one product category at a time, the entire site had been reworked with every item functioning well.

Working with the Kryptronics platform and writing some PHP for the Joomla modules, a smoother flow and layout was developed. Pages were easier to navigate with friendlier URLs. Response time was faster and searches now produced numerous results from the recreated product bases.

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Viking Casual Furniture


Website Re-Design
Joomla Build
Theme Customization
Product Creation
Social Network Development
Google Business


Content Research
Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Logo Re-Design
Print Media
Social Media Integration
Website Development


Social Media
Rebuilding Product Base
Re-Development of Site Framework
Overhaul & Sign Off

Site Images —

The furniture displays now by manufacturer, by type and materials. A focus on furniture shows on every page. Details of each item are consistant throughout the site and navigation has been improved.

Additional Notes On Project —

Though Kryptronics is built on the Joomla platform, this older version of the software did not offer the benefits or backend of the CMS. There were limitations to what could be worked with using the tools available. A unique challenge fixing the damage to this site. In the end, the site received a clean bill of health, the project was completed and handed over to the client’s IT for safe keeping.

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